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Any number of sessions greater than this number will be free*. This is our TakeTatt quote promise


Factors that determine number of sessions for tattoo removal

  • Location of tattoo on  your body

  • Tattoo pigment color

  • Ink density

  • Age of tattoo

  • Quality or make-up of the tattoo pigment

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Why TakeTatt?


The TakeTatt Hut is all about saving you money! Our business model allows us to save money without compromising on quality of service. We use the newest technology, continuously train and make sure every visit to the hut is an effective one by having multiple people review your tattoo removal progress in real-time.

Less Painful

We use CO2 Local Cryogen to cool your tattoo to -120 degrees in a matter of second. This is the best method for reducing tattoo removal pain. Although it’s not painless it’s better than what most places offer. The best part is it all inclusive and you’ll never be charged for numbing.

Track Tattoo Removal Progress

Our app allows you to do many things but one of them is to track your tattoo removal progress session by session.

Pico + Nano Tattoo Removal - PiQo4

PiQ04 Tattoo Removal Laser

  • Nano / Pico Laser
  • Most power tattoo removal laser in the industry
  • 4 Wavelengths
  • More colors & Better Outcomes

Tattoo Removal

Frequently asked questions

There are a lot of factors that determine the total number of sessions that someone will need, however the average range is 4 to 9 sessions. Every person’s tattoo is unique and it’s impossible to know the exact number of sessions required before you actually start. After you begin removing your tattoo, though, we will know a lot more about your body’s specific response, and we’ll update you each step along the way.

At TakeTatt we have a session guarantee, where if your tattoo takes more sessions than we’ve quoted you upfront, the remainder of the sessions are free*.

Everyone has different pain tolerances, but we’ve never had anyone not be able to handle it. Also the process is less than 20 seconds per session for the average tattoo.

At TakeTatt we use local cryogen to help limit the amount of pain. We’re the only ones that we know of who provide this method of pain reduction for tattoo removal.

If you purchase a package at TakeTatt and you don’t use all the sessions in that package for any reason, we will refund the unused sessions.

Yes, you can visit any TakeTatt location that works for you.

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