The TakeTatt Hut

A one of a kind mobile tattoo removal clinic.

The TakeTatt Difference

We’ve heard for years how expensive removing an old tattoo is, and TakeTatt is here to change that, without making compromises.


The number 1 reason tattoo removal is so expensive is because a good tattoo removal laser is approximately $200,000. One of the many ways that TakeTatt made this process affordable is by being mobile. One laser, many markets means we can use the laser on more people and dilute the cost per client. It also allows us to bring a really good laser into smaller markets that would normally not be able to sustain such an expensive purchase. We’ll always keep our laser upgraded and have it fine tuned on a regular basis.


Every time you visit the TakeTatt Tattoo Removal Hut and see our on-site technician, there will also be no less than 2 other people who are going to be checking the progress of your tattoo removal in real time. Once you check-in, photos of your tattoos, along with dates and prior laser settings will be reviewed amongst the TakeTatt team to ensure the optimal treatment outcomes.


We are here for you every step of the way. We are available 7 days a week by phone, chat, & text. If there is ever anything as it pertains to an outcome or reaction, or anything at all regarding the process, we also have our Medical Director on stand-by. You can setup a telemed voice or video call with him at any time. He can answer any questions that pertain to skin conditions, risks associated with removal, adverse reactions etc.

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