Tattoo removal isn’t painless, but it certainly hurts less at TakeTatt!

Local Cryogen Tattoo Removal Numbing

Less painful tattoo removal has arrived @TakeTatt. Don’t suffer in discomfort; with our CO2 numbing, we’ll make things much more chill.

Local Cryogen for Laser Tattoo Removal

Reducing the pain of Laser Tattoo Removal

We’ll use CO2 to numb the area of your tattoo before each treatment. This comes at no additional cost and is included with every session. Many tattoo removal providers don’t use anything (ouch), or they’ll use cool air (not chill at all), or creams that don’t penetrate deep enough, as well as various other attempts at numbing the area. At TakeTatt, we’ve tried it all, and have found that for most people this is their favorite method of numbing.

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Tattoo Removal Numbing

TakeTatt has tested everything we can think of to make tattoo removal less painful. We’ve discovered that applying local cryogen therapy is the best method to numb the area before each tattoo removal session.

Less Painful Tattoo Removal

At TakeTatt we don’t charge you for numbing your tattoo like most other places do. The hidden costs of tattoo removal are unfortunate, but don’t worry, there are no hidden costs at TakeTatt. Nearly everybody agrees that TakeTatt has the best method for reducing tattoo removal pain.

The Real Results

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