If it’s not a pico tattoo removal laser, then it’s old technology

PiQo4 Tattoo Removal Laser

The PiQo4 tattoo removal laser is one of the most powerful picosecond lasers in the market

Pico + Nano Tattoo Removal - PiQo4

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Picosecond  Tattoo Removal Technology

A picosecond is one trillionth of a second!
A picosecond laser emits optical pulses with extremely short duration of between 1 picosecond and some tens of picoseconds. The nature of picosecond lasers allows for absorption of wave pulses that generate a brief and precise photo-thermal effect within the targeted area – alongside ultra-structural and intrinsic chemical modifications in association with rapid changes involume. This is also called photo-acoustic effect, for the popping sound it creates. By passing these waves through the skin in the area of the tattoo or pigmentation, the laser breaks the ink particles – leading to chemical and structural changes in the skin, thus allowing the particles to fracture, and be disposed by our own body’s lymphatic system.

Nano + Pico for Doubly Effective Treatment

The combination different laser pulse durations provide an optimal method for shattering all sizes of pigment particles
Pico + Nano Tattoo Removal - PiQo4

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