An overview about tattoo removal @TakeTatt

Tattoo removal has come a long way from its inception and the outcomes are truly amazing however it’s still a process and takes time to complete. Below will outline the tattoo removal process at TakeTatt.

Tattoo Removal Problems That TakeTatt Solves

Outdated Tattoo Removal Lasers: TakeTatt uses the newest tattoo removal lasers that remove tattoo faster, but also more safely. Prior generations of tattoo removal laser were ineffective, and caused problem with skin integrity such as scaring and skin discoloration.

Tattoo removal is painful: TakeTatt uses local cryogen to numb the area of your tattoo to make the process of removing your tattoo less painful. This is about three times cooler than the zimmer chiller.

Tattoo removal is expensive: By being mobile, TakeTatt can lower this cost of business without compromising quality.

We solves these problem with the newest lasers, new forms of pain management and being mobile to save you money.

How it works

  1. The laser breaks up the pigment in your tattoo
  2. You body removes the pigment, but it does this very slowly
  3. After 4 to 8 weeks to repeat another session and remove another layer of your tattoo
  4. We keep repeating this step 4-9 times to completely remove your tattoo

The TakeTatt Session Promise

When you receive your tattoo removal quote from TakeTatt, you’ll also receive the number of sessions we believe your tattoo will take to remove. If it takes more sessions than we estimated than the sessions beyond the estimate are free* Our estimation are accurate however sometimes they’re are circumstances that make a specific tattoo more challenging. These circumstances are often unknown until you start the process which is why we won’t know the exact number of sessions before you start removing your tattoo. We’ll keep you updated throughout your tattoo removal journey and don’t forget you can track progress within the TakeTatt app.

Packages vs. Pay as you go

Packages: Packages can save you hundreds of dollars but need to be paid for upfront. Don’t worry though if you don’t use all the sessions in a package though. Any unused sessions in a package will be refunded to you.

Pay as you go (pay per session): You can also just pay as you go each time you visit the TakeTatt hut. There is a discount but it’s flexible and you don’t have to pay anything upfront.


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